Montana Alberta Tie Line (MATL)

The Montana Alberta Tie Line (MATL) is a 230 kilovolt (kV) transmission line connecting the Montana electrical grid at Great Falls, Montana and the Alberta electrical grid at Lethbridge, Alberta.

The line is 345 kilometres long and has a capacity of 300 MW with the potential to further increase the available capacity. Since going into service in 2013, MATL has played an essential role in improving reliability of service for both the Alberta and Montana grids.

BHE Canada owns the Canadian portion and manages the facility's day-to-day operation, while BHE U.S. Transmission owns the portion of the line in the United States.

The windfarms connected to MATL are owned by BHE Montana.

Key benefits:

Sale of existing MATL southbound capacity

Starting on or around October 2023, MATL will be undertaking an Open Solicitation process for its remaining southbound capacity. Capacity will be allocated in 20 MW increments and for a term of greater than one year up to five years.

Interested parties should complete the Open Solicitation registration form available in the “Open Solicitation” folder of the left-hand navigation pane at

Please get in touch with Ani Chopra regarding the Open Solicitation process.

Ani Chopra, Operations Manager, MATL
Phone: (403) 369-5519

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