Annual Structure Payments

BHE Canada Annual Structure Payments

Annual Structure Payments (ASPs) are paid to landowners every year for each BHE Canada structure on their property.

How do you determine my ASP?

For ASP compensation, we consider:

  • Loss of use of the area enclosed by the structure.
  • Inconvenience and additional costs associated with weed control.
  • Additional time required to operate equipment around transmission line structure(s).
  • Additional seed required.
  • Overlap of pesticide/herbicide and fertilizer used when farming around the structure(s).
  • Effects on cultivation.
  • Intangible adverse effects.

Five-year Reviews

Landowner ASPs are reviewed every five years to ensure we offer fair and reasonable compensation.

Land Records

Please keep your address and land location information up to date with BHE Canada so we can ensure you receive your Annual Structure Payments on time.

We use your land title information to contact you, so it is in your interests to keep your address current on your land title. You can do this by visiting your local Alberta Registries Office or by completing the Government of Alberta Change of Address form.

Alberta Registries Directory:

Update BHE Canada Records

We recommend letting BHE Canada know directly if you change your address. That way we can ensure you get all correspondence regarding your Annual Structure Payments.

You can help us keep our records current by e-mailing changes to If you have other questions, or there is an emergency, use these free numbers.

1-888-467-4447 (toll-free)

24 Hour Emergency Line
1-866-667-3400 (toll-free)