High Load Moves

What you need to know about high load moves

Alberta Transportation has designated several high load corridors in Alberta, which allow for loads up to nine metres tall. Aside from these corridors, most of BHE Canada’s transmission lines are designed to accommodate vehicles up to 5.3 metres tall where roads and highways are crossed. 

While many crossings do have some extra clearance, vehicles and loads exceeding 5.3 metres tall are considered ‘over height’ in Alberta. This means that if you will be travelling with a load exceeding 5.3 metres tall, you will need to obtain a permit from Alberta Transportation. 

As per the Alberta Electrical Utility Code, you will also need to contact BHE Canada representatives if the total vehicle and load height exceeds 5.3 metres. BHE Canada representatives will work with you to schedule your move and develop a plan to accommodate the high load move within the requirements of the Alberta Electrical Utility Code. 

Please be aware that we typically require at least 10 business days notice to schedule a high load move. In addition, if your move requires a transmission line outage, up to 6 weeks notice may be required.

Please fill out the high load move request form and submit it to 3rdpartyrequests@bhe-canada.ca. You can also contact us at 1-888-467-4447 regarding high load moves. 

Additional information

More information on Alberta Transportation’s high load corridors can be found here